The buyer journey and it’s stages

the buyer journey and its stages

The marketing funnel is just a way of evaluating a buyer’s journey. We understand that a buyer will go through the stages from awareness to action, but it’s not that straightforward.

The buyer may be moving up and down the funnel exiting and reentering. There are so many variables that we, as marketers, are working on accounting for.

We think about all the steps involved in the decision-making process. Within each stage, buyers define their path and interact with various brand touchpoints.

As we develop a digital marketing strategy, we always take a catalogue of how your buyer will navigate your funnel. And this can feel like a relatively robust undertaking.

We know that understanding your customer’s journey helps to deliver the right message at the right time. Once we know the decision-making stage the customer is in, well, it’s easier to craft the right message that helps that customer move forward, and it’ll help you select the right channel to deliver your messaging.

Understanding your customer’s journey is the key to creating your marketing strategy.

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